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Modern Aging – Entrepreneurs for an aging world


One of the key challenges in current and future elderly care is how to engage the younger generation in this topic. We need to inspire young people to innovate for elderly and to become elderly care entrepreneurs.

At ACCESS Health International, we believe that it is time to give the elderly care industry an “injection” in the form of new ideas and knowledge that enables improvements in the lives of the elderly. In the light of this, we have launched the innovation program Modern Aging, which aims to support young entrepreneurs with ideas with the potential to improve quality of life for the elderly.

Modern Aging helps young entrepreneurs to take their ideas from vision to reality during a four-month innovation program and make the ideas as impactful as possible. The program is filled with seminars and workshops as well as coaching and mentoring for the entrepreneurs and their ideas. Through the program the entrepreneurs will build important networks of industry experts, mentors and peers. The entrepreneurs will develop leadership skills in order to take their idea concepts forward as well as gaining in-depth understanding of the conditions, attitudes and lifestyles of the new generation of the elderly and how ideas can be tailored to their needs.


The goals of the program is twofold; both to bring new innovation for elderly to the market as well as highlighting elderly care as an industry of the future.

The recruitment of entrepreneurs is currently taking place. Do you have an idea for elderly that you would like to realize – visit the Modern Aging website for your chance to participate in the program that runs August-November in Stockholm, Sweden. The application deadline is the 24th of May.

The program has been made possible by support from the Swedish Postcode Lottery.