The Philippine Telegeriatric Pilot Project: How did it Start?

Access Health Philippines promotes innovations for the healthcare delivery system so that “all people wherever they are, have access to quality and affordable healthcare”. In partnership with Asian Institute of Management – Dr. Stephen Zuellig Center for Asian Business Transformation (AIM-ZCABT), a Telemedicine Project was formed with an ultimate goal of filling the gaps of widening problems in health access and shortage in the number of health specialists.

Elderly in the Philippines comprises 6.8% of the total population (NSCB, 2010), which means 1 out of 5 households have senior citizens. Older people have special needs and challenges in accessing healthcare services. The physical and cognitive disabilities limit their capacity to travel and access healthcare. They need specialist care providers for the aged. With the lack of access or difficulty to access health care, distance medication can be of great help to this sector of the society. This brought the telemedicine team to propose a start up project for the elderly population which is known as the “Telegeria”.

A Telemedicine team was formed which composed of members from different sectors which have stakes in providing better healthcare for the elderly. They are the Ayala Technology Business IncubationACCESS Health Philippines, AIM SRF/AIM ZCABT, ClickMedix, Total Transcription Solution Inc., Coalition of Services of the Elderly, Inc. (COSE) and Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders & Advocates International Inc. (AYNLA).

The Team initially chose to pilot the project in one of the major cities in Metro Manila. However, with a show of hesitation and delayed response from the involved staff, the Team prompted to look for another entity that was willing to adopt the concept and pilot the Telegeria. This is the Home Health Care (HHC) in Quezon City.

HHC specializes in delivering wellness programs and services to seniors and persons with disability in the comfort of their homes. It has a multidisciplinary expert team of physicians, registered nurses, physical therapists, nutritionists/dieticians, medical technologists and trained caregivers. They have been cited as a community resource providing quality home care for seniors across all settings.

HHC agreed to participate in the project seeing the opportunity for a potential innovation that could improve their management system in providing better and more cost-effective health services towards their clients.  A virtual clinic from ClickMedix system was given to HHC for a free trial of one full month. This was applied in their four senior residential facilities.

Check out for the continuation of this project in the coming blogs. This pilot project is being documented by the Program Coordinator and Program Associate of AIM-ZCABT, Davidson Teh and Jayson Soriano, respectively.



About maryroserontal

I am currently working with ACCESS Health International, Philippines. Our current work is to promote and nurture innovations for healthcare system by working with health service providers, academe, government and private institutions and technology experts. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Master in Management from the University of the Philippines Mindanao.

One response to “The Philippine Telegeriatric Pilot Project: How did it Start?”

  1. Marc Ryan Portuguez says :

    Hi, My name is Marc Ryan Portuguez, im currently working as a staff nurse in of the hospitals here in Cebu and taking up my Masters of Science Degree in Nursing Major in Gerontology Nursing. This blog is awesome! I am using is as inspiration for my thesis which will begin this year. I am writing this comment to ask if I can get more information on telegeriatrics and if I can get some support my research. I am also a member and former mayor of the Negros Occidental Chapter of AYNLA Int’l. Here’s my email address. Thank you

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