Its hard to match the care for our seniors

Be it organizing activities with the aim of promoting active lifestyle, improving assistance provided for the aged, or getting senior citizens to volunteer, the Community Development Councils (CDCs) in Singapore might just have it all. In Singapore, the CDCs aim to work towards a single goal: to champion social support for the silver population. In recent events, the CDCs organized “Caring for the Silver Community” project, where its main focus is on senior citizens aged mainly 65 and above. Studies have shown that by 2030, the amount of such senior citizens in Singapore will triple to about 900,000.

The trends of seniors that are living alone are on the rise, and many of whom face the risk of social isolation. In order to tackle such risks, the government sets aside more funds for the long-term care sector and also encourages families to continue to care for the seniors living with them. Such initiatives by the government through CDCs aim to raise awareness and engage the community in helping to enhance social support programmes for the seniors.

In the recent years, the CDCs have launched quite a number of programmes- one of which is known as a fall prevention programme, with a main aim to help seniors live independently in the community. The CDCs also work hand in hand with the local colleges and have helped to install safety features for close to 3,000 elderly beneficiaries. In the years to come, we can also expect a higher range of services to be provided by the CDCs.

This can be seen as a great initiative by the community to provide social care for the seniors, as well as bond and socialize them with other members of the community.

Source: TODAY newspaper,

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