Embrace Ageing Movement in Singapore

Some people argue that the youth world-wide is too focused on their own dreams and ambitions to engage for the elderly. These people have not met the youth of Singapore.

Following recent discussions about the location of new elderly facilities in Singapore, where certain residents of the Woodlands neighbourhood opposed the construction of an eldercare day centre to avoid a loss of community space and a possible drop in property prices, the students at the Nanyang Polytechnic wanted to make an active stand for embracing ageing. The students organized a movement, spread by Facebook, which aims to create awareness and promote social inclusion and acceptance of the elderly in Singapore.

The supporters of the cause are asked to either change their Facebook profile picture to a photo of an elderly person or to post on their Facebook status the number of years and days they have before they turn 65. To mark the first month of the “Embrace Ageing” movement on March 10, supporters are asked to wear  either gray clothing or accesories. The movement has already received around 700 likes on Facebook and is still gaining in popularity.

To support the youth movement, you can contribute by “liking” the Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/EmbraceAgeing

Picture Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=317967148255840&set=a.317617651624123.86690.317616621624226&type=3&theater


About Claudia Olsson

Claudia Olsson is the Managing Director of ACCESS Health International Southeast Asia, working on elderly care and innovations for the aging world. Contact her at claudia.olsson@accessh.org

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