Inspiring teenagers to work in elderly care

Young Care (Ung Omsorg in Swedish) is a Swedish staffing company in elderly care that organizes 570 young people with a great interest in elderly to co-work at retirement homes in Sweden. They work during weekends and school breaks and provide social care in addition to regular carers. The aim for these intergenerational meetings is to create bridges between generations as well as inspiring young people to work in the healthcare sector in the future.

Carema care, Sweden’s largest private care provider, is Young Care’s national partner and thereby has the sole right to employ Young Care teenagers. The teenagers come in a group of 6 people once a week to the 50 retirement homes that are involved. Examples of the activities that the young social carers provide include; 
  • Outdoor walks with elderly in a wheelchair
  • Reading aloud for those with vision impairment
  • Group activities such as singalong, parlour games, email and internet lessons etc.   
Young Care has won several awards including the global “FERD Award for Social Entrepreneurship” which was received with the following motivation: “”Ung Omsorg  impressed the judges not only because they achieved a powerful impact in their target market but also because they provided part-time work to 570 young people. This will have an impact on youngsters’ career choice, set of values, and emotional intelligence, all this generating a tremendous positive social impact!” said Johan. H. Andresen, Owner and CEO of FERD (, and Chair of the jury.””
See below video presentation by the three founders that started the company when they were 18 years old.

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About Stéphanie Treschow

I work as Country Manager for ACCESS Health International, Sweden. I have a background in Banking and hold a Master of Science in Finance from Stockholm School of Economics. I have previously worked as Equity Sales Analyst at Citigroup in London where I advised global institutional clients on global equities. Prior to that, I have pursued several internships for global institutional banks in New York, London and Stockholm. I have also worked with the private charitable foundation, The World We Want, in identifying and evaluating projects aimed at poverty alleviation and solutions to environmental degradation.

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