For better or for worse

While every pharmaceutical laboratories around the world is still developing the best anti-aging formulation, Fran and Marlo Cowan  is among one of those who have  figured out the miraculous formula.  The elderly couple who are married for more than six decades  have showed  the happiness in enjoying the golden years with a life companion through this video of them playing the piano in Mayo Clinic. This video went viral last year and people from all ages, color, language and culture are inspired on how they look like 20 year olds enjoying the time of their lives.

A study in the Student British Medical Journal found out that among old married couples in European countries surveyed , the mortality rates were lowered to 10 to 15 percent compared to the unmarried elderly. According to  Professor Deborah Carr of Rutgers  University, reasons for this are that married couples are more economically stable  with a partner and they benefit from having their partners look after them.

In the similar study of Health Psychology(2011) , it was  also showed that there is a strong relationship between the physical and emotional status and functional capacities of older married couples.They have found out that depressive symptoms such as unhappiness, loneliness and restlessness are associated with functional limitations. According to that study,depressive symptoms in one spouse are also more likely to occur to their partners proving that elderly who stays together will surely live for better or for worse.



About agjessica

Jessica Virnna Antipolo is a pediatric nurse with a background in public health training, project implementation, epidemiology and biostatistics. She enjoys blogging, writing poems and short stories. She is the Research Associate of ACCESS Health International- Philippines.

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