From iPhones to smart slippers

Think AT&T and cellular devices such as iPhones as well as Blackberries would spring to mind.

These days however, the American telecommunications giant is also venturing into telehealth devices and a communication network that could potentially expand its wireless business. A slew of prototype connected health products have already been developed by AT&T’s scientists who are seeking to make everyday household items “part of the network cloud.”

One particular innovation that is still under clinical trials aims to reduce fall rates among the elderly. Statistically in the US, about one third of the elderly over 65 fall each year and 10% of these cases result in serious injury or death. The “smart slippers” designed by AT&T’s scientists may be the solution to this growing problem. With built-in pressure sensors in their soles to record gait, stride, and pace measurements as elderly patients walk, these information will then be transmitted over AT&T’s network to healthcare providers. By noting changes in the elderly patient’s walking pattern, the device will notify a doctor via e-mail or text message of a problem before they take a tumble. This could reduce the chance of a fall and a costly trip to the hospital. In the UK, medical expenditure of fall injuries and deaths by the elderly are already amounting up to a staggering £6m daily and the government is looking to promote music-based exercises to build strength and reduce falls among the elderly.

In addition, the other pilot programme initiated by AT&T covers the aspect of diabetes management while its ‘telehealth solutions’ involve the use of high-definition video and audio conferencing technology to offer patients in underserved regions access to higher quality care. Vitality Glowcaps that run on AT&T’s wireless network is also an interesting feature to aid elderly patients with medication reminders.

With a swelling elderly population nationwide, AT&T is one of the few companies that are working on a technology solution that not only lower costs but enhance medical care at the same time. According to AT&T’s Xavier Williams, “If we do what we think we’re capable of doing, we think we’re able to change healthcare the way ATMs changed banking.”
And with forward-looking innovations such as the “smart slippers,” they are certainly taking the right ‘step’ forward.

(Source: FierceHealthcare, MobiHealthNews, Business Week)

(Image source: Business Week)

(Video source: ATTBizSolutions)


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