Laser windshields for elderly drivers

It was yet another mundane night to pass for the folks in a little diner when the door slowly creaked open. All eyes were curiously locked onto a towering beefcake as the man trudges forward expressionlessly. What was astonishing about him was the lack of clothes from head to toes. The man advances in the buff across the diner, approaching the billiard table where he sizes up another man. The movie screen brilliantly switches to a transparent red visual ‘dashboard-like’ display with multiple rows of flickering alphabets and figures by the side. The diagnosed result showed high relevance in terms of ‘similarity.’ What will ensue in this popular eighties action film is the delivery of an old-fashioned beat down by “The Terminator” before he obtain his clothes, boots and motorcycle.

Despite the date of the film release however, it has hinted slightly as to how futuristic technology will shape out to be over the years. In fact, the transparent red visual ‘dashboard-like’ illustration featured in the blockbuster is what we now call a “head-up display.” (HUD) It enables users to view data in their line of vision. Several auto makers such as BMW, Toyota and Lexus have already adopted this concept into their range of products. Many contemporary systems are able to display data from the speedometer and tachometer onto the windshields.

General Motors (GM) on the other hand has set their sights on developing a new generation of HUDs on their windshields. These windshields will combine the use of cameras, sensors and ultraviolet lasers to enhance the driving experience of an elderly. They will highlight objects in the roads and paint the road edges to aid elderly drivers in poor visibility conditions. Another function also involves tracking the driver’s position in order to align the images to be displayed on the windshields.

As the silver tsunami sweeps across the globe, there will be a surge in the number of elderly drivers and auto makers must start catering to this swelling group of consumers worldwide. In addition, ageing deficiencies will pose as an obstacle to elderly drivers (as I have mentioned a couple of months back) and there will be emerging issues concerning with the safety and independence of the seniors that must be addressed.

(Source: NY Daily News)

(Image source: Switched)

(Video source: Network World)


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