How a technology savvy grandmother grabbed the Philippines’ attention

Lola Techie was phenomenal in the Philippines in the late 2009. She is the fictional technology- savvy sextagenarian created by a local exchange carrier to market their broadband services.

The first Lola Techie advertisement that was released depicts an old woman berating her grandson JR, because he only comes to her to ask how to operate the computer and how he would not even “poke” her in Facebook. This was followed closely by her second video where she announced on her “Twitter” that JR is no longer her favorite grandchild. Meanwhile, another video featured how she is too engrossed playing in an online game and getting too temperamental and disappointed with her younger team members.

“Lola Techie” became the talk of the town as she is the epitome of how the elderly should welcome change brought about by technology. Generally in the Philippines and probably the rest of the world, the elderly do not know how to use the computer or afraid to even try so. Majority also have limited access to computers and technology gadgets and do not care to learn because they do not find it beneficial.

This phenomenon not only debunked the stereotype that technology and golden years do not always go together but showed how technology could be used as a means of socialization. It also reminds us how we should not take the temperament of an elderly too lightly.

Here is one of Lola Techie’s video. Enjoy!




About agjessica

Jessica Virnna Antipolo is a pediatric nurse with a background in public health training, project implementation, epidemiology and biostatistics. She enjoys blogging, writing poems and short stories. She is the Research Associate of ACCESS Health International- Philippines.

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