Prototype walker that helps fallen elderly back on their feet.

Not only is falling in your home a great worry among elderly; the effort to pick them up is also one of the heaviest and most ergonomically complicated tasks in nursing care. For this reason, the engineers at the Stockholm-based Centre for Health and Building, CHB, were induced to build a helping device. The result is a wheeled walker that through its innovative design can help a fallen person back on his feet.

The walker is both useful for an elderly couple where the partners are not strong enough to help each other up if one of them falls and as an aid device to reduce the physical burden for people working within home care. The walker is at the moment a prototype under evaluation available in CHB’s Full Scale Living Laboratory where R&D projects within home care is undertaken. The first assessment is already done with a group of people aged 75 years and older. In the next round people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease will test its function. The results will be published in a couple of months’ time.

Source: Interview with Professor Tore J Larsson at the Centre for Health and Building 16th of November 2011


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I work as Country Manager for ACCESS Health International, Sweden. I have a background in Banking and hold a Master of Science in Finance from Stockholm School of Economics. I have previously worked as Equity Sales Analyst at Citigroup in London where I advised global institutional clients on global equities. Prior to that, I have pursued several internships for global institutional banks in New York, London and Stockholm. I have also worked with the private charitable foundation, The World We Want, in identifying and evaluating projects aimed at poverty alleviation and solutions to environmental degradation.

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