It’s never too late for a second career

Sweden, as one of the countries in the world with the most choir singers/capita (about every 15th person sings in a choir), is, needless to say, an enthusiastic contributor to the Eurovision Song Contest. If you haven’t, however, thought of dedicating your life to a music career at an early age, popular artist scout and event guru Lasse Lingman has arranged so you can get a second chance.

Dating more than 20 years back he and his production company has been arranging a competition called Seniorchansen, ‘The Senior Chance’, since last year renamed PROstjärnan, ‘The PRO Star’, after the Swedish National Pensioners Association’s (PRO – Pensionärernas Riksorganisation (the largest Pensioners Association in Sweden and the Nordics)) support for the competition. After eight regional ‘pre-finals’, eight winners are sent off to compete in the finals during a cruise on the Baltic Sea with another 1500 pensioners for one and a half days.

The competition attracts a lot of people that have dedicated their spare time to making music, be it singing or playing instruments or both. (It’s actually defined as a talent show, and not necessarily a music talent show, but the focus in the past years has been on music acts.) One of them is Elsa-Doris Ekman, who won the competition in 2002 as a 70 year old woman. Since then she’s received quite a bit of attention both from Swedish National Television on big Saturday night shows such as ‘Det kommer mera’ (‘There will be more’) and as entertainer on cruises in the Baltic Sea to mention a few examples. Nowadays she’s splitting her time between Sweden and Gran Canaria, Spain, where she, among other things, has become an alternating part of the house band at venues in Playa del Inglés.

Below you can see her perform ‘Lilla vackra Anna’ (‘Little beautiful Anna’) in January this year, as a 79 year old, at ‘Trollstugan’ (The Troll Lodge), a restaurant and meeting place for Scandinavians, Playa del Inglés, Gran Canaria (Canary Islands), Spain.

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