The beginning of the journey

Dear Readers and Supporters,

We are honored to announce that this forum has surpassed 2000 visits after a mere 3 weeks of existence. Our team has expanded to include team members in Singapore, Sweden, India, the USA, Australia and the Philippines.

The aging population is a concern for all of us. Some of us have already passed through a golden 65 years and are facing a hopefully healthy, but indeed different, stage of our lives. Some of us are in the midst of our careers, perhaps caring for a parent, a grandparent or an aunt that needs both living support and compassion. Some of us have just embarked on the journey of adulthood, knowing that changing demographics are preparing a completely different world for us than the one we see around us today. What we all have in common is that we cannot choose to hope for someone else to address the challenges of the elderly population. Instead, it is our own individual responsibility to act, in some cases proactively, in others reactively, to ensure that all generations can enjoy a dignified and rich life, no matter what age bracket they belong to.

There are many spectacular solutions all over the world for integration of health care, for accessible transportation and for adequate housing for the elderly. There are tools and programs that assist the elderly to overcome physical, mental and social challenges. But at the same time the structures we have established to care for the elderly to date are different from the ones that will be needed in the coming decades.

A wise person once said: “You can’t expect to meet the challenges of today with yesterday’s tools and expect to be in business tomorrow.”

Our ambition at Silverevolution is to identify good practices and innovations all over the world to catalyze scale-up and development of best practices and outstanding tools and services for the aging population. We intend to keep this forum vibrant, changing, and alive. We will bring in perspectives from the most advanced economies as well as from the most rural developing settings. We will discuss technology, sports, health care, urbanization and sometimes even love. All the important aspects of our lives today and of our lives when we grow older.

The readers of this forum are in many cases very well informed about solutions for the elderly and we thus invite you to be actively involved in our discussion. We hope that you can help our team to question their thinking, to find new angles and to learn about even more innovations. Together we can raise awareness, spur engagement and make a difference in and for our aging world.

Looking forward to our journey together.


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About Claudia Olsson

Claudia Olsson is the Managing Director of ACCESS Health International Southeast Asia, working on elderly care and innovations for the aging world. Contact her at

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