The Aid of Point and Click in Finding their One True Love

The advent of internet technology has paved the way for online dating. The “younger” and the “feeling young” generation had joined the bandwagon if not once but twice to try out their luck in finding their Mr. and Ms. Right. With a point and click and a fast bandwidth, finding a partner is as easy as heating a pizza in the microwave oven.

The whole Philippines were captivated and deeply inspired by this picture posted in the famous social networking site Facebook this week. Here was a picture of an old woman, Lola Aurelia looking for her 78 year old forgetful husband Lolo Luis. It had been two weeks that Lola Aurelia would go out of the streets from dusk till dawn to look for Luis and hand over some flyers to their neighbors in hope that she could find her partner for decades.

Alas, after almost 65,000 shares in the users’ walls, two of the biggest media networks in the country had featured the old woman’s search in the television and radio. And a day after the picture’s release, Lola Aurelia was reunited with Lolo Luis looking forward in sharing one or two more decades together.

Technology is shaping our society’s ways. The old practices of serenading and courtship may soon phase out. But the core human values of love and family remain; may it be offline or online.



About agjessica

Jessica Virnna Antipolo is a pediatric nurse with a background in public health training, project implementation, epidemiology and biostatistics. She enjoys blogging, writing poems and short stories. She is the Research Associate of ACCESS Health International- Philippines.

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