GrandCare system requires no computer experience

Senior care is going high tech as the world looks to accommodate an ever increasing elderly population. Monitoring and communication are some of the essential features that consumers seek from the array of senior service technologies available in the market.

The GrandCare System provides caregivers not only with the ability to monitor and communicate with their loved ones; it also delivers the finest of technology to enhance the environment for aging-in-place.  Boasting a range of futuristic applications, the GrandCare system is of the many innovative products that is constantly pushing the boundaries of elderly care. Here are some of its highlighted features:

Touch screen system- interactive and simple to operate, requiring zero computer skills from both parties.

Telehealth feature – besides remotely monitoring the BP, Weight, Pulse, and Glucose of the seniors, it also allows caregivers and doctors convenient access to these health data.

Two-way web conferencing- caregivers or family can stay in touch with the seniors through video conference. Doctors are also able to provide consultations and medical advices to the seniors.

Cognitive assists– help seniors to properly manage their medication and daily activities such as eating, sleeping, general movement etc.

Smart Home Automation- deals with the safety controls of the home environment such as temperature, lighting, and appliances that may put the user at home in danger.

Socialization- enabling users to view family pictures and videos, access emails and voice mails, and check for important dates and reminders on a calendar.

Entertainment- apart from staying abreast of the latest news, weather updates, and videos, users can also engage themselves in games, trivia and spiritual offerings that are known to spur mental activity and brain fitness.

To sum it up really, the GrandCare system represents a comprehensive latticework of remote monitoring, communication, socialization and entertainment that has taken into account many aspects of providing optimal care to the seniors. As elderly care continues its hot pursuit of the advances in technology, we may possibly see increasing elements of E-Health being incorporated into the system as well as shopping, music and other hobby related features.

(Source: GrandCare Systems)


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