Two more active and healthy years by 2020

It is not only the policy makers in Asia that are enabling innovation for the elderly through large-scale programs. In Europe, the Steering Group of the pilot European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing just agreed on an overarching plan with joint actions in response to the challenges of an aging European population. The group is an integral part of the Innovation Union, one of the seven major initiatives of the Europe 2020 Strategy, which aims to create smart, sustainable and inclusive growth by 2020.  The group includes stakeholders from the health and social sectors, the private sector, civil society and public authorities.

In this year’s Strategic Implementation Plan, the Steering Group sets out priority actions to meet the challenge of aging through innovation. The defined objective is to ensure that the average European citizen has two more active and healthy years to live by 2020. To achieve this the group will work towards health literacy, patient empowerment, personalized health management, prevention and early diagnosis of functional and cognitive decline, and extending active and independent living through open and personalized solutions.

The elderly centric approach will harness the potential of all forms of innovation – from technology, process, and organizational to social. The expected outcomes are not only improvements of health status and quality of life of older Europeans but also an improvement of the sustainability and efficiency of health and social care systems. The third expected outcome is a boosted EU competitiveness through an improved business environment for innovation – new exciting opportunities for European businesses.


About Claudia Olsson

Claudia Olsson is the Managing Director of ACCESS Health International Southeast Asia, working on elderly care and innovations for the aging world. Contact her at

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