Exploring the silver evolution to prepare for the silver revolution

The world’s population is growing fast. In the coming months we are expected to hit a population of 7 Billion and it doesn’t stop there. The United Nations estimate that we will be 10 Billion people on this planet by the end of the century. At the same time the world’s population is not only increasing in numbers, it is also becoming older and older. Increased longevity, decreased infant mortality and better health standards are giving us 30 – 40 years extra beyond the golden limit of 65. The demographic pyramid is shifting and the pressure on the younger generations is increasing to care for more of the elderly, longer. Are the societies prepared for the silver crowds that will be wandering, or perhaps rolling, on our streets? Are entrepreneurs realizing the golden opportunity – investing in smart solutions for our new lives where 30 is the new 20 and 80 the new 60 but with the same physical and mental challenges as before? This blog is not intended to reflect scientific research, neither is it supposed to push for an ideology or a political or religious view. This blog intends to explore the silver evolution in order to prepare us for the silver revolution. Readers are most welcome to contribute with links, reports, view points and personal reflections. Let us together gear up for what the future beholds…


About Claudia Olsson

Claudia Olsson is the Managing Director of ACCESS Health International Southeast Asia, working on elderly care and innovations for the aging world. Contact her at claudia.olsson@accessh.org

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